Life with COVID: Reopening Community Spaces

It has been several months now that the COVID-19 started to emerge, and now while it is still evolving, multifamily properties are considering to reopen community spaces. They are in the process of going back into the normal although the normal is not what it was before, hence the new normal has emerged. The coronavirus is not going anywhere the vaccine is still yet to be available worldwide. In fact, the number of cases is even increasing in and outside the United States.

If you are looking for some property management companies near me to help you with the reopening, make sure that you hire a reputable and reliable service company, because there are many things to consider when you want to reopen.

We asked some management about what is the greatest challenge to foresee upon reopening. Is it the sanitation? The management of community amenity spaces? Maintenance requests? What we got was almost half of them saying it is the management of community amenity space.

There are three important factors that determine the success of providing and managing these amenity spaces to their customers. The first contributing factor is the government; the second, the property management companies themselves; and third, the customers.

The government, both the local and federal levels, is responsible for providing and implementing policies and restrictions to address social distancing and other important practices to combat the virus spread. The problem arises when a municipality implements policies different from the others. In addition, each county has different jurisdictional requirements.

The government policies the approach and methods that property management companies apply. In addition to this, the personal preferences of the customers are also a matter of concern. So how do we address this problem?

The experts have formulated a hybrid approach that could resolve the problem. According to some people in the industry, they are ready to provide options for their customers. They ask questions like how do the customers want to engage with them? Is it in person or in virtual? The customers are provided with a virtual tour where they can still get to see and experience life outside through their screens. However, if the clients prefer to go outside then they also have readier their resources to provide a good experience to their customers still. Social distancing is still managed and regulated to maximize protection.

In response to the government regulations on cleaning and sanitation, every company agreed to meet the standard procedures that are needed. Some companies have even gone as far as hiring a hygienist to assist with all protocols and standards to meet the regulations provided by the government.

With all of the efforts combined by the government and the companies and services, there are booming positive reactions coming from the residents and customers.

It is probably a cinch that things may never return to normal as soon as we expected; however, with the resilence that all constituents show amid the crisis, there is still hope that everyone can adjust almost seamlessly to the new normal.

Be constantly guided with the new guidelines and policies on COVID-19 by reading and following the World Health Organization’s articles and updates.

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