Tips to Enjoy Drinking Bourbon

Bourbons and whiskey may not be that appealing to everyone, especially to the youngsters. However, that was before. Now, Millennials are getting more interested in drinking these two drinks and this is good news for whiskey and bourbons producers and distillers especially to those who want to appeal and reach the younger ones today.

When you buy bourbon online, there are many things you need to know first such as where to buy the best bourbon, and that it might be difficult for you to deal with it especially when it is your first time. Today, there are more than a thousand distilleries trying to win all around the globe.

Before you try to drink bourbon, here are some of the things you need to consider:

1.Neatness – alcohol purists would like their drink to be natural and authentic, and this is only achieved if the drink is served at room temperature with no ice and mixes. When you want to savor the natural taste of your bourbon drink, drink it neatly. This will provide you the purest taste and appreciation of the liquor since it contains no ice and additives. However, bourbon can sometimes have some drops of water. This amount does not necessarily provide negative changes to the overall flavor of the drink. In fact, the water enforces the flavor and opens the aroma. So ensure that you smell it before drinking everything whole.

2.Serve it on the rocks – if by chance you cannot take the bourbon and its natural taste without the added mix of ice, this does not mean you cannot experience its taste any more. Although by pouring ice entails that some of the flavored will dilute, it will also make the drink more enjoyable and fun to drink. If you are a first-time drinker, serving it on the rocks can be the ideal and easiest way to experience bourbon. Also, take note that this kind of drink does not need to be chugged but instead, it needs to be savored. No rush.

3.Try the mint julep – one of Kentucky‚Äôs Derby’s popular cocktail is the mint julep, which is made from water, bourbon, spearmint, and sugar. This brings the aroma of the bourbon while at the same time the mint of the spearmint. This will surely give the punch you want from a drink.

4.Try the Manhattan -When it comes to the bourbon’s quintessential cocktails, Manhattan s among the most popular. It is made from sweet vermouth, bourbon, and some bitter ingredients that provide that tangy taste. It also one of the staple drinks at bourbon bars that are served in a martini glass.

5.Try it with friends – while it is still enjoyable to try bourbon alone, it is more fun when you drink it with friends. There are several ways on how to enjoy bourbon and you can have them shared with your closest groups at a party or a bar.

If you are the first drink, do not waste the first time and do the tips we shared here to enjoy more the first sip of bourbon. Enjoy!

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